3 Types of Images to Use for Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

ocial Media Marketing Campaigns

As a 21st century online entrepreneur, you understand that social media is the next big thing after the search engine. If you lack space on the search engine, you can utilize them to drive your sales or to draw traffics on your site. However, like in the blog and websites, images are the points of attraction on the social media. Posts with pictures usually receive more likes and comments compared with the later. Also, people are likely to click on links on posts with an image to get more information from the associated site.  Here are three types of free images or personal modifications that will make your social media marketing campaigns successful:


Are memes images? Probably you are wondering how a meme can be an image. However, in the current era, a good definition of a meme is a picture with a humor message coined on it. Many people love spreading memes as they brighten their day by giving them a reason to smile.

The approach used to be a college students way of entertaining themselves, however, its ability to draw people’s attention converted it into a reliable marketing tool. For this reason, your capability to create memes can give you an edge over your competitors.  However, you need to determine whether your target customers can associate with the memes or not. For instance, if you are targeting old people, the use of meme images can be the worst idea.


Most social media platforms offer you the ability to upload simultaneous images. In this regard, you can create screenshots of your products to explain their use or features.  A screenshot acts as a backup of your sales pitch. For instance, if your goal is to woo the customers to use a particular app, presenting a screenshot of the same can help you to click through and probably make a sale. Hence, screenshots are a suitable type of images for enhancing your social media marketing campaigns. 


If your site is dealing with data, using infographics as part of your social media marketing imageries can enhance your audience attraction. Infographics enable you to slice up complex information and present it in an easy to understand approach. Notably, the approach uses colors, fonts, and other designs which make it easier to woo audiences to click them.

Also, this form of images has the possibility of going viral as most content writers and bloggers love Infographics. Hence, developing an Infographic does not only impact your social media marketing but also play a great role in enhancing your brand online.
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