Here Are 3 Tips to Make Your Site Images Clickable

Site Images Clickable

As competitiveness becomes tighter on the virtual platforms, shortening the process of navigation is critical. One way to do this is by making your images clickable. Here, you link your image to a particular site such that when a visitor clicks on it, they are directed to the product information page with guidance on how to carry on the transaction. However, while it is not a complicated idea, not many people know how to go about it.

Probably you are one of them, and this could be the reason you are reading this article. Well, before dipping into the concept. It is essential to caution you on the kind of images you can make clickable. Ensure you only link images that are relevant to what the customer is requiring. Also, it is recommendable only to make a product or homepage images clickable.

With this in mind, here is the process of making your images clickable:

Manual way

If you have some knowledge of HTML coding, this is your approach. This technique involves creating an HTML code for your preferable image. Here, you will need the URL of the page you want to link with the image (the page where visitors will be directed to when they click the image) and the URL of the image (where the picture is currently hosted). With these two elements, you proceed on to the HTML coding and create a code for the image linking. You know how to go about it since you have some HTML coding knowledge.

Option two – preferable for WordPress users

If you are not an IT guru, you do not have to worry. As long as your website runs on WordPress, making your images clickable is an easy process. Here, you need to upload your image to your site. If you obtained it from free image sources, ensure you rename it to match its name with your content. Doing this gives you an upper hand on SEO ranking.

Upon completing the uploading process move on to the media library icon and fill alt text info, define how you will like your image to be displayed, and proceed on. Below the alignment icon, you will find a “link to” option. Here you will input the URL of the page you want to associate with the image then select custom URL. Lastly, you will need to click insert to post icon, and you will be good to go.

And that is how to make your images clickable on a website or a blog.
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