3 Little-Known Facts about Photography History That Will Leave You with A Smile

Facts about Photography History

As a blogger, you always use free images or hire a photographer to develop some. Images are a good way to drive traffic to your site.  They are a great approach enhancing engagements in the virtual world. Certainly, you enjoy taking a selfie with your iPhone. You love sharing animal images on your profile or even creating memes. 

What a joyful life it is? But pause a bit, how did all these miracles come along? Who started photography or was a person born with a camera on his/her hand? Relax; here are 3 little-known facts about photography history that will leave you with a smile:

Did you know photography is a Greek word modification?

 Here is the information; the word photography is a development of the Greek words “photos” and “graphein.” The term meant drawing using light. As you know, photo means light while graphein is another name for the drawing. Well, the term came into existence around the 1830s.  The Greeks used sunlight to draw an image which they referred to as sun prints or heliographs. So, if you were there during those days instead of taking a selfie, you would own several heliographs.  Good idea.

Do you know the first selfie was captured in 1839?

What? Selfie taking is a crazy behavior in this generation. Particularly, the millennial cannot call an event off without taking selfies to share with peers who did not make it as well as inform the crowd what went on there. You know of Instagram or IG. Surprisingly, most people including you think that the idea of selfie-taking is a child innovation of mobile devices.

But this is not the case; the first selfie-taking took place in 1839. A chemist and enthusiast photographer going by the name Robert Cornelius was the first person to take a selfie. Notably, the selfie-taking took around 1 minute compared to the modern one which only takes some seconds. So, to date, selfie-taking technology is 177 years old. This sounds crazy for sure.  

Kodak was the first compact folding camera

If you are old, you can recall that most photographers owned a Kodak camera. The camera came into existence in 1922, and the goal was to enhance practical usage of cameras. Surprisingly, today there are more than 365 types of cameras. This does not include the inbuilt cameras on the mobile devices.

And that is the history of photography which is now a central point in the online marketing and conversations. Tips about: Frequently Asked Questions About Creative Commons Images Online Click